The Beginning...


It all started with this man, "Singin' Walter" Bullock.  He was a powerful man with a powerful voice, loved far and wide and known for bringing life to an otherwise not-so-lively church service when he let out with a song.  Story has it that when folks saw him coming there'd be a stir and whispers, "Aw, we gon' have a time today... Singin Walter's here."

Walter T. Bullock always had his children in tow, and they loved to sing as much as he did -- and they did sing, from there earliest age.  In the late 1940s, the family migrated to Boston, Massachusetts, from the homestead in rural Warren County (now Warrenton), North Carolina.  In 1950, six of Singin' Walter's sons officially formed The Bullock Brothers.  Richard and George Bullock (ages 17 and 15 respectively at the time) were not only the two youngest brothers, but they were the youngest of Singin' Walter's children.  And they are his last surviving.






Richard and George Bullock have always been together.  They continue to this day to do what they have always loved to do, what they learned to do from their father, and what they taught their sons to do.  They serve the Lord with gladness.  Now in their 80s, they preach (as they have done for well over 60 years) and they sing (they released their latest record in 2018).  Their ministry has always been their passion.  Still together, George Bullock is the pastor of The Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Boston; Richard is assistant pastor.